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The following sections could use a graphic, and I'll get around to it some day...
Until then, the following are Homeless Links.  Trust me, they're funny, they just don't have a fancy graphic.
-The Niftyness Report #6-     -haiku's-     -Fortune Cookies-     -Take a peek at this check I got-
-Ask Skippy Link Phrases-    -Find The Black Dot-    -Tribute to the North Mariana Islands-
-Epileptic Seizure Fun-    -Adventure #4 panels-     -What is that thing?-    -Send me a Duck!-
-Three Dimensional Tic Tac Toe-    -Refer-a-friend-   -Candle of Perfection-    -Elvis is Dead-
-T.R.O.N. candy-    -Handy Surefire Business Tactics-    -Downloadable Soundland-
-Nothing Better To Do-    -
Which Tank Girl Cast Member Am I?-    -Another Reason to Thank...-

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Please Feel Overly Privileged to Peruse Some of my Ranting as a (Warning: Ego Trip Ahead)    

Weekly Humor Columnist for the Award Winning University of Delaware newspaper, The Review
Article 1 Where your money REALLY goes
Article 2 Sleep?   No thanks, I'm trying to cut down
Article 3 Things to think about...
Article 4 Did You Hear That?
Article 5 Walking in a Winter Wonderland
Article 6 Coke, Pepsi, or Hard Liquor?
Article 7 Porn on the Internet
Article 8 Hey, These Medals Have Chocolate Inside!
Article 9 Turn it Up, I'm Trying to Study!                            
Article 10 Warning: This Ink May Rub Off On Hands         
Article 11 This Column Is a Pain in The Butt
Article 12 I Know What You Did NEXT Summer.
Article 13 I've Got Your Y2K Compliance Right Here, Sparky!
Article 14 Modern Wonders 
Article 15 Handy Halloween Hints  
Article 16 The Problem with Drug-Induced Sheep 
Article 17 Beanie Baby Madness 
Article 18 Here's a Tip: Do a Better Job Next Time
Article 18 1/2 What's Wrong with the New School?
Article 19 Media Endangered Lives of Colorodo Students
Article 20 A Lesson in Trust
Article 21 Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Article 22 I'll Believe It When I See It 
Article 23 Sardines, Anyone?
Article 24 The National Shrug
Article 25 One Giant Numbers Game
Article 26 Hey, Is That Snowflake I Smell?
Article 27 What Is Missing In My Life  <--New (10/21/02)

  24 is the biggest number.  Just ask Ted.   

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