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From time to time I check my various counters to see where people are finding my page.  Every once in a while I stumble across a wacky phrase or two that people used in a search engine like Yahoo or Google that ended up linking to my page.   The "Ask Skippy" pages contain so many odd references in its text that it seems to draw the best phrases.  Here are just a few:

"when eating corn why it does it come out whole when doing the bathroom" / "why do dogs stick their heads out the windows"

"seinfeld prison sentence" / "does shania twain date black drummer" / "donkey wrestler" / "godzeela"

"when did nacho flavored chips first appear" / "terminator blowgun" / "michael jackson versus paula abdul"

"winged parasites of the human colon" / "recipe for Skippy AND alcohol" / "you got the freshie freshie" / "obese nudist camp"

"selling sock monkeys" / "cheese whiz garbage bags ingredient" / "can you overfeed chiuahua"

"Words to old country song entitled Life Get Tedious Don't It" / "nude stencils" / "getting rid of woodchucks in New Jersey"

"Does Chalk Get Rid of house lizards"

---------------------------- Above are new as of 8/5/02 ----------------------------

"colorful chicks injecting dye" / "all the gatorade flavors ever made" / "carrottop must die" / "crack rhinoceros"

"what does my last name mean" / "men in diapers" / "baby in a corner" / "fat hungry leech" / "seinfeld cantalope episode"

"skeelo lyrics" / "lyrics my boyfriend's sweater" / "tesla earthquake generator" / "why you gotta trip on me michael jackson"

"walking in the mud in baggy jeans" / "tricked out jetta" / "uncle jesse lyrics forever full house" / "spoint car"

"accelerated aging of wood" / "paula abdul pasta diet" / "wear my speedo" / "defeating aol parental controls" / "loudest sneeze"

"amputated toe fetish" / "fast food meat" / "hotdog rollers" / "rosie odonell lesbian" / "fiber optic simpsons comic book guy"

"somebody clearing their throat sound" / "why do dogs howl at fire engines" / "order tommy hillfiger sport socks"

"causes partner now answering phone someone calling hanging up" / "is my husband gay" / "sexy woman of philapines"

"virus tropical punch" / "cleaning dirty meth that makes you sick and sweat" / "does clearasil cream leave you with a chemical burn"

"picture of polluation" / "paintball idiots" / "they just dont bomp" / "donkey and earmuffs" / "bathroom scale sale miami"

"crystal meth body odor" / "what is the size of a spongefish" / "taking care of poodles"

"definition of bocce" / "weasel problem" / "tommy hilfiger and gatorade" / "immature batman" / "wedding cakes in texas"

"tootsie pop audio" / "mountain dew tooth enamel" / "shave your chest" / "sugar ants" / "swimming naked" / "captain underpants"

"the best boy wore a kilt at the scottish wedding" / "which celebrity can sneeze the loudest" / "stop sleeping on stomach" / "get choself"

"certs retsin" / "body odor and children" / "nasal parasites" / "mosquito light yellow" / "how do i get rid of mushrooms"

"california hood rats" / "cindy margolis accident" / "death from marshmellows" / "dolemite lime"

"do you know what it is like to be ugly" / "arm hair smell" / "skippy the crack weasel" / "how do typhoons start"

"smell pregnancy" / "do wolves eat pigs" / "batfan fetish" / "kirk cameron and butt" / "why does my dog howl"

"back bends" / "obese polynesian women" / "tickle feat tv commercial" / "sound effects airline interior"

"potatochips" / "chemical energy peanuts" / "tips for men that want to slow orgasms" / "cell phone numbers reverse"

"love stinks" / "english grammer help" / "high intensity dischage headlights" / "vitamin R" / "dexter glue gun"

"is inhaling helium harmful" / "how does my vcr know the time" / "pretend to be a lesbian" / "you got the hooch"

"how fast can i type" / "blood pictures of hemophilia" / "jim morrison birthdate" / "skippy and annette"

"tommy hilfiger song" / "chunks from nose" / "tickling basketball" / "mop boys" / "arbys coupon" / "i like prison"

"swedish bikini models" / "men in black props" / "why do my feet burn" / "ricky martin is gay" / "blue toe nail"

"forgot aol password" / "montgomery glands" / "hampster in microwave" / "/fat channel"

"statue of liberty" / "The man with the glass eye keeps blue hens in the attic"

"whats up sound" / "conspiracy" / "who can i ask for help on my computer" / "bishon mix" / "password crackers"

"message someone who is not on aol" / "mouse" / "wheeler joke" / "skippy's password place"

"woodchucks singing dancing" / "cat scratching post plans" / "how to give yourself organism"

"female genetics in baldness" / "queensland and scorpians" / "flibble flabble" / "adia song" / "karate fetish"

"swahilli" / "how old is raplh machio" / "star trek voyager ship specks" / "ccol aid" / "goats go to hell"

"tropical island naked girls" / "poster of freddie prince jr" / "shave your chest" / "britney spears outfit"

"invisible zippers" / "hot dogs and donut jokes" / "australia walrus" / "pee standing" / "pictures of men in diapers"

"bald taco links" / "teaching the metric system" / "calcium deposits skin" / "mental illness jokes"

"womens wrestling and submission holds" / "grammer tips" / "ritz crackers" / "cleaning super glue off glasses"

"frozen cookies" / "camel toe" / "scents that guys love" / "make things to check weather"

"how do i get rid of wood smells" / "the meaning of the word PIMP" / "grammer" / "way to ask to prom"

"pantless" / "nesting ducks" / "tight scalp" / "questions to ask" / "how to ask girls out"

"oreos" / "Teens wearing diapers" / "how to plan to look like britney spears for a talent show" / "taking leg blood pressure"

"midget sex" / "houses for sale in jackson nj" / "Freddie Prince" / "naked boy" / "Girls wearing socks"

"Seven and Kevin Bacon" / "sex theripist" / "answering machine" / "find a guy on aol" / "ex pass"

"how many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop" / "teen hair loss" / "haxors"

"thesaurus" / "pantless" / "questions and answers on boyfriends" / "amputation" / "wav of a cockatiel" / "Hemaphodyte"

"punch captain kirk" / "tommy hilfiger male underwear" / "jokes of mans brain" / "kill beanie babies"

"easy pumpkin pie recipes" / "here i am lord" / "spraypaint shirt makers" / "ask mr know it all" / "naked male teens"

"what do men wear to bed" / "haircut ideas" / "wife shower picture" / "how to steal a car" / "irish national anthem"

"skateboard nude" / "used underwear auction" / "why does my email freeze up every time i open it"

"how much does an average bar make" / "i need a boyfriend" / "moist mp3 music files" / "candy bill cosby"

"how do i make html pop up" / "nickname pokemon codes"

"what do you do with a dog with no legs" / "history of piercing" / "casey casum death" / "wife jokes"

"duck tape jokes" / "prom themes" / "Irish yellow pages" / "oi to the world"

"Why should I try? I never get what I search for" / "skateboard no socks" / "phrases for whacking off"

"what are the words to Party Like its 1999?" / "hovercraft parts price list" / "how to write a play" / "I go to a happy land"

"helpful stories of hope" / "herbal dreams" / "What does a guy have to do get get a woman in his life to date and marry"

"I want Information on Murat. Where can I find Information on Murat" / "hair cut ideas" / "how to kill chickens"

"older women in va. looking for sex" / "tapped phone conversations" / "university of delaware indoor color guard"

"the Dark Project Sponge" / "peter pan society" / "the skateboard industry" / "Tupperware article" / "the physics of falling cats"

"Where can I find web sites where I an purchase body piercing jewellery" / "Where can i find information on thinner"

"virtual girlfriend" / "never never land"

"why you over there looking at me why my mans standing there" / "hodegkins disease-what is it" / "rocks and socks and drugs"

"a phychic that could tell me if I am having a boy or a girl" / "detroit scorpian" / "map of Iowa" / "how to steal a car"

"Bran Van 3000" / "He got game" / "creative money love" / "products that will bleach the skin"

"celebrity underwear auction" / "salad tosser image" / "Shania Twain nude pictures my favorite singer"

"no sock skates" / "best pancake recipe" / "ant killer" / "mood ring" / "funny comebacks" / "nude madonna"


"women near briefs" / "pool table nude" / "baggy pants" / "france national anthym lyrics" / "Grease summer night lyric"

"hair bleaching help" / "spinal stenosis"

"how do erasers erase pencil lead" / "farm jokes" / "what number one animals are to hunt in the united states and what states"

"they are in" / "hindenburg" / "hand mixer replacement parts" / "think different" / "what does eating ice cream represent"

"who invented the golf tee" / "cheesestrings" / "danza accident" / "what should i wear tomorrow" / "jumbaliah"

"ask anything" / "ducks on ketchup, The new U2 CD" / "iowa jokes" / "hovercraft parts" / "cheap paint ball guns"

"color of phlegm" / "ask anything" / "why should i export" / "how to regain my drivers license" / "ear piercing advice"

"boxers or briefs" / "how to injure an enemy" / "what happens in a car accident" / "Peanut Butter Skippy"

"butter and price and increase and NOT hotel and nude and video" / "Yo Quiero Taco Bell Lewinsky look-alikes"

"what was the prom theme in the movie Back to the Future" / "chicken laser" / "what does eating ice represent"

"how to melt ice" / "why did the chicken cross the road?" / "peanut butter food contamination" / "how to steal a car"

"can it be reduced?" / "Shania Twain" / "Kill Beanie Babies" / "yo quiero taco bell" / "save the whales"

"I wrote a play. Where can I get it published?" / "nullabor" / "how the color of an animal helps it in the desert"

"Why is blue considered a boys color and pink considered a girls color" / "how to write why i want to be a teacher"

"histeria" / "million dollar pie" / "lounge singer" / "how do i make raw peanuts salty" / "blond jokes"

"how do i become a model" / "strong man bell ringing" / "what do men wear to bed?" / "white black good bad"

"overconfident" / "why is the earth not flat?" / "the devil made me do it" / "why i am going to kill my english teacher"

"finding the right guy" / "my piercing" / "wife jokes" / "making fun of others class clown" / "four blood types, four diets"

"Tee Ball California" / "where can i buy trish mcevory makeup" / "threshing machine" / "why the north won the civil war"

"mosquito blood" / "paracite cleaning" / "tony danza nude" / "skippy the bush kangaroo"

"histeria" / "origin of duct tape" / "herve villachez" / "how bees make honey" / "California mustard"

"what to do after been bitten by ants" / "decline of american etiquette" / "nude father and daughter"

"stars who have lost weight and their secrets" / "stop smoking drugs" / "duct register"

"Micheal J Fox family" / "evil mountain dew" / "hungry hungry hippos" / "ventriloquist act" / "car title Penndot"

"straight nude" / "Madonna" / "jeans cord" / "pogo ball" / "mary ann hair prodcuts" / "parts of a flower"

"yellow mood" / "sea shanty" / "how to make homemade glue" / "nude pictures" / "help on being yourself"

"homemade ant killer" / "how do i get rid of ring around the collar" / "Answer me" / "funny comeback"

"pennsylvania clock gap" / "pool table weight" / "home made pumkin pie" / "meaning of proper names"

"cantalope watermelon" / "women wearing pvc jeans" / "diabetic seinfeld" / "math feel" / "random drug report"

"green green snot machine" / "natural way to get rid of bees" / "brain force software"

"slow dancing" / "stinky underpants" / "bono, the million dollar hotel" / "empty glass carpenter ants"

"how to make a wallet out of duct tape" / "homemade drugs" / "math explanation" / "clock runs too slow in win98"

"ladybug lifetimes" / "cooking smoke" / "mom in the shower" / "picture of elmo sticking up his middle finger"

"facial tick" / "irish yellow pages" / "mosquito fish" / "fan mail to Michael J Fox" / "irish yellow pages"

"I hate you quiz" / "celebrity underwear sizes" / "flibbertigibbit, my lagan love" / "instant attraction" / "Patrick Swayze"

"underwear structure" / "autobiography of Micheal J. Fox" / "ask anything about boys and love" / "drycleaning Milwalkee"

"brain surgery salad" / "do it yourself ice fishing shanty" / "What will be the favorite color in fashion next year?"

"male chemical imbalence" / "Swiss Air Crash" / "Idleness" / "Underwear History"

"war between 1909-1914" / "queensland maps" / "funny business speeches" / "michael j fox, famous canadian"

"blueprints on how to build a crate to safely transport a slate pool table" / "raisin pie" / "small suits"


It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to know that I accidentally brought a little joy into someone's life...before they continued searching for their odd and sometimes frightening items of interest on the internet.

If you come across an odd link to one of my pages, let me know...

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