Handy Surefire Business Tactics .


With all of the craziness in today's business world, things can get a little confusing. Today's business world not only requires you to know math and how to add staples to an empty stapler. Today's business world is all about the internet, speed, power, the stock market, and the ever-present threat of being caught in all of your lies about how much you know about the business world. So instead of walking round and worrying about the business world, you should read this guide and get some piece of mind. That is why I created this section. Inside are several priceless nuggets of advice about business, organized into simple categories much like a book. I wanted to organize it like a cheese wheel but not many people knew what I was talking about.

I am here to help you. But only if you help yourself. But don't help yourself to any of that pie over there. That's my pie. Hands off, Sparky.