Handy Surefire Business Tactics - #1 .

Learning from the Box

We all fall into habits, which can help us be more productive. But occasionally we have to re-examine these habits for freshness. Unlike a jug of milk or a box of vanilla wafers, however, business habits don't have a clearly stamped freshness date on them. So what can you do?

The only way to get out of a habit is to look around at the big picture. You've probably heard this referred to as "Thinking Outside of the Box." Since you are on the "inside of the box" with your habits, you need to get outside to check things out.

The problem with thinking "Outside of the Box" is that there is a heck of a lot of stuff out there. I mean, one day you're just sitting at your desk playing solitaire like you do every day at 11:00pm, and you decide to be more productive and take a trip "Outside of the Box." So you go outside of the box to re-think a few things and BAM, there is a whole mess of stuff out there. Stuff like monkeys and 7-11 stores and bits of string thrown everywhere. Suddenly some guy asks you to hold his jacket while he goes to the restroom and he never comes out again. So there you are, stuck holding this guy's jacket in some bus terminal and now there are monkeys drinking Slurpees and covering you in string pieces for the rest of the day. I hardly call that "being productive."

My advice? It's simple. Don't think "Outside of the Box."

Instead, you should think "Like a Box."

Boxes aren't very smart, so you won't have to think very hard. All you have to do is sit in the corner, or on a shelf (your choice), and wait for people to put things into you. Things like knowledge and facts about Argentina. You may want to label yourself in various places too. Inserting some dividers can also make you faster to rummage through in emergencies.

Just remember that boxes are only as strong as the cardboard they are made of. As long as you stay out of the rain, you're good to go.

You're attaining box-like levels of productivity in no time. Everyone will be envious of you.

Especially the monkeys.

So what have we learned today? Let's recap.

Key points to remember:
  1. Monkeys.
  2. Think like a box.
  3. Facts about Argentina.